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More Machine Learning Experiments

This time, I trained GPT-2 on Shakespeare’s sonnets. Some of the results are fairly convincing, though still strange, and the algorithm was obviously very confused by the punctuation, throwing colons and semi-colons around where it pleased. I love thee, and … Continue reading

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Suppose you had a circle made of a hundred or so equidistant points on its circumference. If you drew straight lines connecting distant points on this circle (chords) in some systematic way, you’d produce a kind of spirograph. I don’t … Continue reading

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Simple Monte Carlo Radiation

I tried my hand at writing a simple Monte Carlo radiation transport code a couple of nights ago. It turned out not to be very difficult to write, and at only 50 lines of code, it produces some pretty amazing … Continue reading

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A Chinese Room Writes a Sequel to Blindsight

For anyone who has read Blindsight (by Peter Watts), you’ll know that the concept of a Chinese Room plays a major part in the premise. For the sake of irony, I trained an AI I’ve been playing with to write … Continue reading

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