More Machine Learning Experiments

This time, I trained GPT-2 on Shakespeare’s sonnets. Some of the results are fairly convincing, though still strange, and the algorithm was obviously very confused by the punctuation, throwing colons and semi-colons around where it pleased.

I love thee, and want thee more;
Be thou mine only object; then may
All other things be thy treasure, and all
Thy love may be more fully expressed.
Make thee still my object, and I thy ward:
And so may I content myself,
Till all my want be amissed of thee.

But do not think on that time when I fly
To new-formed change for new-formed change,
For still my hand is in thee, still doth lend,
And to all whom thou wilt send I yield thee,
That thy part in life may be known,
And all nations may hear of my deeds:
Yet think on this; if thou shouldst turn from me,
The very spot whereon I fleed beginneth
To plant new love in me again;
Thus, being but once in all, time doth waste
Every instant that it possesses,
Lifting everything that lies in rest.
My love is like thy beauty to show,
And thy love is like the making of me.

Were I but blind, I should be mad
To see that sweet favour fall from the heaven,
Which sweet favour doth help my blind world make,
From that sweet favour come times that are far,
And so live in everlasting wax that neither eye
Nor hair can see in them- selves that are hence.
O Fate! if thou wilt aid me, do so now;
The whole world revolves round about me,
Which in turn upon their parts is made,
That they mine inward-and-forth I serve.
O Fate! grant not that I was slain,
To see your holy name fade from heaven.

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