Cr48 ( Chromium-48 ) was created in part to communicate  to my family and some of my non-science friends what it is I do for a living, and in part as an outlet for some of my philosophical musings. Why Cr48? 1) They’re my initials. 2) This isotope is produced in Type Ia Supernovae. 3) It has a half-life of about 1 day, which is easy to remember. As for who I am, I’m currently a Physicist at Lawrence Livermore Lab in Livermore, CA. I received a Ph.D. in Astrophysics in 2011 from Arizona State University.



Publications of which I have been a part:

  • CRKSPH – A Conservative Reproducing Kernel Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Scheme – Frontiere et al. – 2017JCoPh.332..160F
  • Examining the Accuracy of Astrophysical Disk Simulations with a Generalized Hydrodynamical Test Problem – Raskin & Owen – 2016ApJ…831…26R
  • Shadows of our Former Companions: How the Single-degenerate Binary Type Ia Supernova Scenario Affects Remnants – Gray, Raskin & Owen – 2016ApJ…833…62G
  • Rapid Optimal SPH Particle Distributions in Spherical Geometries For Creating Astrophysical Initial Conditions – Raskin & Owen – 2016ApJ…820..102R
  • Type Ia Supernovae from Merging White Dwarfs. II. Post-merger Detonations – Raskin et al. – 2014ApJ…788…75R
  • Type Ia Supernovae from Merging White Dwarfs. I. Prompt Detonations – Moll et al. – 2014ApJ…785..105M
  • Tidal Tail Ejection as a Signature of Type Ia Supernovae from White Dwarf Mergers – Raskin & Kasen – 2013ApJ…772….1R
  • Remnants of Binary White Dwarf Mergers – Raskin et al. – 2012ApJ…746…62R
  • Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae from Double Degenerate Mergers – Fryer et al. – 2010ApJ…725..296F
  • 56Ni Production in Double-degenerate White Dwarf Collisions –  Raskin et al. – 2010ApJ…724..111R
  • Prompt Ia Supernovae are Significantly Delayed – Raskin et al. – 2009ApJ…707…74R
  • On Type Ia supernovae from the collisions of two white dwarfs – Raskin et al. – 2009MNRAS.399L.156R
  • Using Spatial Distributions to Constrain Progenitors of Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts – Raskin et al. – 2008ApJ…689..358R


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